Pet Interventional Medicine

Internal medicine is the basis for all veterinary services, and it starts with your pet’s physical exams.

Pet Interventional Medicine in Washington, DC

From here, our veterinarians at CityPaws Animal Hospital – 14th Street determine the condition of your pet, makes any relevant diagnoses, and begins necessary treatments.

Interventional Medicine<br />

Pet Interventional Medicine

Though prevention is always the best medicine, there may be times when we must intervene to treat your pet. In these situations, it’s important to act quickly and with precision. Even the smallest problems can become much more serious if intervention does not occur.

CityPaws offers the highest quality of care. Two of our most important services include:

  • Dentistry – Though dental care should be primarily preventive, we are happy to treat cracks and fissures and offer basic procedures such as extractions.
  • Surgery – Certain surgeries, such as spaying or neutering, may be necessary during the course of your pet’s life. You can rest assured knowing our skilled technicians and veterinary surgeons prioritize your pet’s safety during every procedure.